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8 Simple Steps to Get Out of Debt for Good

So you’ll get crystal clear on why, this time, you'll ditch your debt for good

know your why

To get access to tools to help you get a grasp on your debt

access tools

So you can understand your mindset that has been keeping you hostage to your debt

Clear your mindset

So you can finally figure out why you’ve been struggling with debt, and how to get out of it.

Make a Plan

It's a simple, step by step plan to help you get out of debt…for good!

Why buy this ebook:

- Janette

“If not for your inspiration and guidance with creating financial emergency funds, I’d be way more stressed out than we currently are (with the COVID19 Situation). As a result we are able to soak up this experience, trusting everything will work out. Janey’s advice is truly amazing and this is not as hard as I once thought.”

- Ashley

“As I approached a transition from a double income family to a single income family I was overwhelmed with how this would impact our quality of life and my ability to deal with unexpected expenses that arise from raising a family. After consulting with Janey and setting financial goals and priorities I now have the knowledge and skills to manage my finances proactively. As a result of planning out a realistic budget based on my income, I was able to accurately determine a purchase price for a new home with confidence that I was working within my budget. For me, the commitment of taking control of my finances has been an empowering process that has eliminated the stress of not knowing. I would encourage anyone to embrace the process and work with Janey in order to meet their financial goals.”

- Mike & Kristy H.

“Before we started working with Janey we felt like we were spinning our wheels. We were working long hours between our full-time jobs and our side hustles and never feeling like we were getting ahead. I reached out to Janey and we had a quick chat to be clear about our top three goals, then we comprehensive assessment that allowed us to dig into our spending habits and how were we planning for our future. During our coaching call, Janey answered all of our questions and then she developed personalized next steps. After only one month we were able to develop a clear financial vision for our family, pay off ALL of our consumer debt and finally start feeling like our money is working for us! We highly recommended Janey, she has changed our family’s financial future!”

- Kristie

"My husband and I used to base our lifestyle upon how much money we made, and in the businesses we have, it was feast or famine. We never got ahead, we paid our minimum amounts and felt like we were stuck in this irresponsible, deep hole that we couldn’t climb out of. Once we received financial coaching from Janey, not only did it make so much sense but it was simple (even with an initial heap of debt) We are still moving towards making even more progress but to begin with (thanks to her) we have no more credit card debt or school loans!"

- Anna

"Raised in poverty, student debt, divorce, re-marriage, 2 children, and transitioning from full time employment to entrepreneur, I was really great at building debt but didn't have the money mindset or basic skill set to know how to get out of it. With Janey's coaching I've been able to identify and become aware of my money behaviours, better understand financial opportunities in general, and more importantly create a current financial lifestyle I feel fulfilled in, while having a dependable and exciting plan for my future."


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