Over the past 20 years, my journey has lead me to find ways to focus in on what matters when it comes to Health, Money, Contribution (what you bring to the world), Relationships and Faith. This corner of the internet is a connection point for the parts I have found useful along the way.

I believe everyone was created to live a life of purpose and joy.

Experience a boosted immune system, detoxify the body tissues by flushing out toxins and metabolic waste, increase your energy levels, lessen your chronic muscle and joint pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, experience clearer skin, reduced cellulite and scar tissue and body contouring. The Balancer-Pro enhances recovery from injury, illness or surgery, supports weight loss and improves muscle recovery after workouts.

Your health matters.

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At barrie lymphatic therapy, we daily pursue new levels of wellness. When it comes to Lymphatic Drainage, we have the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system. Rare in our area, the balancer-Pro is sought-after.

Here's a little peak into some special moments along my journey so far...

Dive deeper with me on what matters!

In my 20's I started to realize there were some keys to healthy living and longevity that weren't widely taught. So I began a quest to find health tips and hacks that would make a difference in not only how I felt today, but also would give me an advantage in the years ahead.

I went looking for all natural products, simple solutions, and scientifically proven results. What I found changed my life and now I help people live a healthy lifestyle with the help of nutritional tools.

Your nutrition matters.

It's hard to be confident when you're drowning in personal debt. I've been there. That's why I created this ebook for you. I figured out how to get out of debt and this guide will save you time by giving you simple steps to follow. Plus, this ebook pays it forward by donating financial education to a young woman in South America. I believe all women deserve to have confidence in money matters. You can too!

Your money matters.

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I'm done talking about weight loss

let's stop sending our bodies mixed messages.

What I wish I told my younger self about money

Feeling your best and leading a healthy lifestyle IS EASIER WHEN you have the right tools to help you.  THAT'S WHY I LOVE Isagenix!

Cut through the confusion and focus on growing your net worth so you can be a blessing to others.

When was the last time you thought about your “Eating Window”?

Is your Eating Window sabotaging your health?

Grew up on a farm.
Learned the value of a team and a strong work ethic.
Found beauty in simplicity.


Graduated as a Nurse from McMaster University.
Volunteered in Guyana for a month in a private hospital.

Started my career as a Public Health Nurse.
I've always felt connected to health and wellness!

Married the hunk I thought ran funny.
He’s the love of my life and now we like to run together.

memorable beginnings!

Early days...

Our family grew!

A Look Back...


Back to school to get an MBA to quench my curiosity for business.


Got schooled in an investment that was “too good to be true”. Financial books and courses were my shovel and pickaxe to dig us out of debt and start learning how to take control of our finances the right way.

Purchased our first rental property.
Jumped in, made mistakes, kept the long-game in sight.  

Focused in on growing a successful team with happy customers.
As a result, crushed some goals and got over my fear of public speaking.

Ran my first marathon. (Probably my last).

Took a 5 week trip around the world!
We left as a family and came back as a team.

first marathon

5 week trip around the world

Became a Certified Financial Coach
to help others learn from my mistakes.

As a family we partnered with Impact Malawi to build a Nursery school!

As the next steps of my journey unfold and I continue to learn, I invite you to connect with me.

In the meantime, I'll be loving mom-life and empty-nesting with my husband, juggling all the things that matter to me and working hard at keeping the distractions in life from preventing me from living with purpose and joy! I hope this for you as well.

Until then, take care friend.

Janey Snelgrove

Stumbled into residual income and nutrition (thank you, God).
This was one of the best financial moves and health decisions we made. With the taste of having another business,
I knew I was destined to be a serial entrepreneur.


Ignited my passion by Co-founding Pillars of Light Co. We have a dream to brighten the world by creating gifts that keep on giving. My first product biz from the ground up and it feels like a roller coaster ride! That, and I may be starting menopause!


2023 - 2024

In Fall 2023, we introduced the Ballancer®Pro to our clinic, Barrie Lymphatic Therapy. It is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system that using proven principles of lymphatic drainage massage to deliver a multi-faceted and proven effectiveness towards enhancing overall wellness, bettering athletic recovery and contouring natural beauty.
Some of the benefits of using the Ballancer®Pro are a boosted immune system, detoxifies body tissues by flushing out toxins and metabolic waste, increases energy levels, lessens chronic muscle and joint pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, clearer skin, reduces cellulite and scar tissue, body contouring, enhances recovery from injury, illness or surgery, weight loss, and improves muscle recovery after workouts. 
Feel free to reach out to us for more information!